It is the most user friendly application that you will ever use.

Just register, configure it, and start saving your information online.


Go to Login page and register. After your registration you will receive an email requesting the confirmation of your registration. After that confirmation you are able to use the Kylega platform.


The first step is to configure your security preferences. On the platform you must choose how many KEEPERS can access your information and after how many hours will that information be released.

This means that if something happens to you, only the combination of the keys, of the number of your KEEPERS, will release all the information and personal messages to your beneficiaries, considering the time that you define. For instance you can define 8 KEEPERS but only 5 or 3 are necessary to release the information after 48 hours.

Upload information

After your registration you can start inserting all the information that you want, in the platform. We believe that you should consider Kylega as a regular everyday tool and use your online repository to keep track all your digital and physical assets.


The person, or persons, that you indicate to receive the information about the assets or the personal messages you intend to send. It doesn’t have to be a KEEPER.


Are the guardian of all of your information. It can be a single person or a group of persons. Each person that you invite to be a KEEPER must access the platform to accept your invitation. Each KEEPER has his own key configured in the system.

If something happens to you the information can only be accessed when all the KEEPERS insert their keys. A KEEPER doesn’t has to be a BENEFICIARY.
For security purpose when a KEEPER inserts his key, you and all the other KEEPERS will be informed that someone is attempting to release the information. If all the KEEPERS insert their keys and you don’t stop the process, the system will assume that something happened to you and the information will be released after the number of hours that you defined in the preferences page.


Are the corporate managers for your services, when available. They can be your bank manager, your insurance broker or even your lawyer. They will also receive an information if something happened to you, to contact the right person.

If you are a company and want to provide to integrate Kylega in your services, to better serve your clients, you can find more information at

Talk with us

If you have any question, or any suggestions that you think is important to add to the platform, lets us know. We are always looking to improve ourselves and fulfil your expectations.