What is Kylega

Kylega stands for Keeping Your Legacy and it is a private online service, highly secure, that enables you to manage and organize all the information about your belongings. And if something happens to you it gets delivered to each one of the persons that you have decided.

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Do you know how many information you have online? Between social networks, cloud storage and email accounts we all keep a gigantic amount of information online that no one can access if something happens to any of us.

And financial information? If you start thinking about how much assets you have between bank accounts, insurance policies and so on you will probably find it difficult to enumerate them all. Also, don’t forget those documents that are really important to keep in a safe place.

Besides all the information, you also have the physical assets like real estates, cars, motorcycles, personal objects and others that you would like to leave to someone special if something suddenly happens to you. But, probably no one knows them all.

Does anyone knows who that special person is, the one you’d rather to take care of your pet?

Can we give you an advice? You should start caring about the management of the information related to your digital and physical assets, so that this kind of problem doesn’t increases even further.

Kylega is your best solution. An online service, always available, extremely user friendly and highly secure, is the best way to manage all the information about your belongings both physical and digital.

It is the only way that you have to plan the future of your online and offline life.

For us life is the most important thing and you must live it to the full, so the best solution to enjoy it, is making sure that everything else is taken care of.

Your future?

Your own choices!